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School of Medicine, State Board of Health, Wisconsin Academy of General Practice, Wisconsin Heart

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1896. Pulse 88, temperature 97.8. Was submitted to an

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Paracelsus [Bombastus ab Hohenheim] Aurelius Philippus Theophrastus.


succession, but sugar existed in none of them — the viscera

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Micr., Rochester, N. Y.. 1898, i, 18. -Smith (P.) Moiles

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ciency of an aristol film in preventing secondary perito-

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finger in the gallipot and then put his finger in his mouth. "Taste it, gentlemen,

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Over thirty years have elapsed since I held the post of anaesthetist

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tumour remarkably, this becoming soft, and having a faint pul-

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vaccination in its modern aspects, especially ' animal vaccination,'

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The alternative supposition is, that the real organisms causing

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Cask 107. — Operator, Balow, 1886. Paraplegia and absence of

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erysipelas in a patient observed by the writer. The swelling of anthrax

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generally to a tumour, cannot be regarded as properly within the subject

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in which epithelial elements lie. Most of these networks present rounded and

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The very great advance made of late years in the study vi

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Owing to imperfect returns, it is impossible to give accurate state-

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The diagnosis of small-pox, after the eruption appears,

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tient did not react after operation and died in about

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patients do not realize how harmful such a drug is. Not only

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the hospital Dec. 11, 1915, with a diagnosis of chronic pericarditis, ascites,

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the surrounding bones and air-cells increase in size and the pos-

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ably the former. Does it lessen the child's chances? I

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to a marked degree. They are useful in subacute and chronic

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phocytes takes place. Thus, instead of an average normal lympho-

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from very strong quarters. Possibly, the Quebec College of

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limited number of cases. So few cases being amenable to treat-

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a paraffin preparation called ambrine in the treat-

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pox more nearly approaches the character of variola.

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ity to be 1012, albumin was 1.5 grams to the liter.

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definite results of testing. However it would appear in general

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are produced by disorders of respiration ; as by phlegm

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The Medical Examiner. None but thoroughly qualified medical men

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B. Cuff, M.D., F.R.C.S., Medical Superintendent, North Eastern

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columns the world has not stood still, and many things which

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