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p. 98.) He also mentions that Nunez has made a valuable convert in

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absent head of the femur, the version of the neck , the altered

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the liver, which is usually the seat of the abscess, the statistics of vari-

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and examined (16 : xi), showed no trypanosomes in the stomach, but

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marks upon the uncoagulable part of tlie white of the &g<^. I

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pre-existence of which there was no certainty. Dr. W. called

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riod when this disease ceases to be communicable and

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Pale, listless, and hypotonic; private pediatrician’s diagnosis, “encephalitis"

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elevated; and it is impossible for the child to stand upright

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paralysis, can be regarded as the cause of it. In several of our cases was

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that flesh shall cleave together if it be soaked in the

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Now, such clinical history of disorganisations of the heart

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of all or any of these celebrated waters. The pamphlet may be obtained

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sis in this comlition. Hjoscine hydrobromate is indicated

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of iron, is certainly controlled by it. Of the preparations of

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There are two distinct classes of hemorrhoids, viz., external and

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chronic pancreatitis,* hydatid diseasey/lumbrici in.thC'ducts, strictores,

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of Complete Obstruction of the Common Bile Duct by Floating Gall

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anniversary of his marriage, and two days after re-

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cussion, Dr. Edmund Andrews struck the keynote of the

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the vermifuge which may be lost if the worm is embedded in mucus or if the

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plete paralysis of both legs and deltoid muscles on Feb. 23. The animal gradually

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an observer of the Code of Ethics by which the profession claim to be

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diagnosis on this method alone. The value of the colloidal gold test

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jmin — and say that according to the statement of the

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most useful substance in his opinion is turf moss, as it absorbs

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but gets up and walks a few steps; head drooping, and look dejected;

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latter shall not vary to any considerable extent, for any considerable time,

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Jacob Neufeld David Nussear Shannon Outen Charles Peete Wayne Phillip David Pollock

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knowledge, from at least two physicians of repute, as to

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tion was first described by Huntingdon, of Long Island, who observed

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ulcer of the great toe. South African M. J., Cape 'I'owu,

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