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the former is liable to leave small pieces of steel in the inte-
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heart sound. In all these individuals, special note was made as
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peculiar views, " to the judgment of physiologists".
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It is also a powerful diuretic and diaphoretic, and this brings
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under 2 years of age; in fact, a certain amount of catarrhal or
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infection or by some intercurrent- infection. Moreover,
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All this is magnificent in words ; but the reader has only to
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Brand. Arch. mfed. beiges, Brux., 1898, 4. s., xi, 73-
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s Filter-paper is saturated with starch paste, dried, and the saliva
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imported to America, and first appeared in the West Indies; a little later
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s ;ribed by the Professii>n for special cases. Those in constant use
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Cardinal Humours, one of which was " yellow," and another " black " bile.
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and brows of monstrous size," writing "decern" instead of cluas
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riation of local temperature has been observed ; and it is
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tion in the section of electro therapeutics or physiology.
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the early stages [113] and which sometimes produces a very marked
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upon the numbers of provers contributing to the group may be
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apt to occur in connection with chronic gastritis, excluding cases of so-called
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main upstroke,Avhich indicates the moment of tiic impulse and
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diminished, but not entirely lost. There was no rigidity
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ing is bad enough in the prosperous, but on the poor it is an
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sional credentials, shall make due inquiry concerning
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is made the current passes through the cord. Some, after using it that
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provement in the percentage excreted is gained, in such
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infection. There are instances, as the remarkable one I
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mologists throughout the state should contact their
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of the blood, and that the latter cannot therefore hold the uric acid in
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iological effects of such substances as common salt, sodium bicar-
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that this was a persistence of the mesodermal process found in
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tion will then be subjected to antagonistic factors, the one tend-'
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which Virchow* long ago called attention. By their action the influ-
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not fail to wear flannel next his skin. It is idle for him to rebel
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Health Report*.— The following cases of smallpox, yellow
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been pretty generally believed that the cerebellum has a
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use emulsions of the bacteria themselves in the production of