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dance in the urine ; and as the colored blood corpuscles have been withdrawn in a great

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perineum. After one o'clock A. M., Feb. 19th, the head did not advance

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with pain in the nose and I could find no objective

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carefully prepared. In two hundred and fifty cases of pul-

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March 5, R. C. Bowdish, the only surviving member of the

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ers who use lead colors, although it is also observed

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ai)le quantities of purulent matter i)er rectum. This

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among the crew after our landing at Butcher's Island.

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Towards this end, hygienic measures should be first considered. The

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restored, and all possibility of the recurrence of similar

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ment of a thoroughly efficient filtration system on a

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occurs about the twenty-second day from the commence-

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peculiar taste and odour, tliougli the intensity of these

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Medical Journal of May 25 last and 8th ult., to which the

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untrained, or only slightly trained, in clinical work, and previously

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prussic acid ; depressants — digitalis. Calabar bean, tobacco,

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Now, as to treatment : Prophylaxis should receive the greatest

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most probable obtained there, as the most convenient place, any

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A towel bath followed by brisk rubbing of the skin is very refresh-

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have done any good. In the great majority, then, since it could

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more, said that some metals seem to have no influence