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gradually spread so that, in about ten weeks, the integu-
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chronic diseases as carcinoma and phthisis, and in the course of acute infectious
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than the United States. Holding, as we do, intercourse with all parts of the
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coffee color, and apt to be thick. If down, he is unable to pass
other hand, the illumination is intensified. In unilateral inflammatory
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Pleasure consisting in the natural and healthy excitement of
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treatment, subcutaneous emphysema, that may occur either during
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as a hypnotic and sedative in mania and delirium of the
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in causing variations in the resistance offered. Molecules which are not
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addition to agreeable cool drinks, I generally prescribe
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during that rest, it is probable, that the secerning vessels, though
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who were about him, and thought much more of their wishes than
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(h) Ihavesftid appnrent alteration of Btnioture, so as not to exclude
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system. This system causes a dilatation of the vessels
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treatment. It is so complete that the finger may be carried to the base of the
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1 gr. to 2 dr. of water, and in the School Clinics 1 gr. to 2 dr. of
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are chiefly found in acute nephritis. The hyaline casts, which are homo-
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finger with the left eye while the right was covered,
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surgery, and of which some interesting details have already
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at intervals of from ten days to three weeks, and this has
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presented a discrete pustular eruption which had ap-
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cal with the cathode rays, but that they are generated
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session with a paper on " Malaria." His views of its eti
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In religion, it is the fearless advocate of open and fair
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Prognosis.— The affection is of long duration, and has no tendency
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existence except in the minds of those who are untutored, unless
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ity ? may any hour in the day become a practical one to be decided
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It is believed that Dr. Dale is the first practising physician
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tuberculous pneumonia the clubbing can develop rapidly, even in a few
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blood, from haemorrhage, natural or artificial, the
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8 A. Chauffard : La semaine medicate, xxvii. 25, 1907, and xxviii. 49, 1908.
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by a longer stay, add to the prospect of permanently
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affection bears a certain resemblance to acute articular rheumatism. It
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neous influences, such as the presence of food, swallowed saliva, or other physical
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thj production of nervous and muscular disorders in
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or more properly speaking, the college should accept without
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of inorganic matter they contain. A West African boxwood from which
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even admitting that it is absolutely free from danger to
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country. There is now in this city one system, claiming to
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the whole war, and at the beginning raged with destructive
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