Many people find themselves unable to buy a car on credit because of credit problems in the past.  Banks and traditional lenders simply will not lend to people with a poor credit rating or no credit history, even though the cause of the problem may have been short term. For example, redundancy, sickness or divorce can result in CCJs / decrees, mortgage arrears or defaults. 

Armed Forces personnel, the self employed, or people who have moved house several times in a short period, can also find themselves refused car finance.

Fortunately there are companies who believe no one should be denied the pleasure of owning a newer, better car, just because they have had credit problems in the past or have no previous credit history. These companies offer bad credit car finance and are only concerned with your ability to make repayments in the future.

Maybe you have been refused car credit elsewhere, have previous bad debts, CCJs, mortgage arrears, council tax arrears, other defaults on payment or perhaps you are self employed or have no credit history. 

Whatever your circumstances the good news is there are companies keen for you business who give you the opportunity to buy a car with affordable car credit.

Companies offering car finance to people with bad credit

Companies offering bad credit car finance for people with poor credit rating