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autolytischen Vorgange in der Leber, Biochcm. Zeit., 1906, i, 229.
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ment should be prompt and administered on the spot, if possible;
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crime, committed by mere children, which shock the entire community.
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however, occur accidentally in any part where animals have
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3. To FEVER of any kind, otherwise determinable by thepu^M, etc.,
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ful hajmorrhages. I was requested to see her by her
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to the value of the esophagoscope, but observation in the clincs
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xxxvi Schiifer : Discussion on Disease of Pituitary Body
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of Toronto University, has been appointed surgeon of
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can be regarded as the cause of the paralysis is the degeneration of the
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In the arrangement of the books, the Library Committee have adopted
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a real defect without a countervailing advantage. The manufacturers of
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water, the resulting temperature will be only 32°, but the ice will
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of paralytics and epileptics at the National Hospital in
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fined to bed through the entire delirious stage, as in the wilder delirium it
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raised surgery from a trick of barbers, executioners and
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There is only one known specific to tetanus, and that is antitetanic
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and had been weaned when under the age of one year, was brought
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merchant of the Society of Friends, who, several years
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the disease is on the stomach walls. The vomiting of blood is
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an abnormal distribution of the blood, which accumulates behind the
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ment. The question is as to the reaction and powers of the
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Hawthorn, AVilliam Tliomas, L.S.A., Vttoxeter, Staffordshire, of the
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residency, The Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, Bronx, NY and
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the beginning of the infection, although less so than in other second-
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cal phrases, indicative of various forms of inflammation of mucous membrane,
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and the nature of the disease, all, of course, influence
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belaboring their infarct! and in administering enemas. As