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only 3/52 (6%) of the vaginal hysterectomy patients

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remedy itself proven to be prompt and reliable in its action, acceptable to the taste

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pyramidal form, formed of little bodies united together, and I

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successful. If the pustules be few in number, the scabs may be removed

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plan was promptly executed by freely opening the median basilic

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trol the manifestation of these feelings, so as to make them

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of sessile fibroids and one ovary without opening the uterine cavity. Both

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it. The majority of recent observers believe that in anterior poliomyelitis

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man of the Connecticut Medical Political Action Commit-

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ure, sometimes only an attack of vertigo . Whether vertigo exist alone or

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and that the conditions present represent a state so grave

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It is sometimes called the splenic or cardiac end. The right end

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long time. Sausage in pickle 15 days destroys them.

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a better outlook in these cases of mitral regurgitation

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holiday I had the patient admitted to a hospital, and

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elephantiasis. "Klephantiasis Nervorum." (Unpublished photo from Dr. R. H. Castor,

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be derived from the closer study of the movements of the normal

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and in this opinion he is sustained by most operators

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The entrance to the crural canal could not be closed